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І чужого научайтесь, й свого не цурайтесь.”   Т. Шевченко 

Enrich your knowledge in the foreign matters, but never be ashamed of your native language or heritage.   T. Shevchenko 

The primary purposes of the Ukrainian Heritage Language School are:

  • to provide the communities with the means to increase mother tongue literacy among its children;
  • to create a connecting bridge for a smooth transit into the American education system;
  • to increase children's knowledge of vocabulary important to English reading skills;
  • to develop and strengthen bridges of trust and understanding mainstream American schools and refugee communities.

Nadia D. Kalinyuk, Program Coordinator, 916.635.6815 x162

Danna S. Domashuk, Project Coordinator, 916.635.6815 x161

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