Heritage Language Programs

REN has moved its attention to support of community efforts to provide mother-tongue literacy instruction. The Community Heritage Language Programs comprise high-quality Saturday School programs for Ukrainian, Russian, and Spanish. Armenian Saturday School lasted for a few years before relocating to churches.

The programs began with a Ukrainian class in a church soon after the religious refugees began arriving in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The volunteer community program moved to a school on Saturdays, and the Community Heritage Languages Program was born. 

Receipt of grants helped develop the program curriculum and establish its value. Parent donations and school district support have maintained a program, supported by additional refugee grants that have funded development of two high school classes that focus on threshold vocabulary and academic words (taught in English and Russian, lessons and materials here).

This slide show, developed in 2005, provides details about the programs.

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Ukrainian Heritage Language Program

Russian Heritage School

Spanish Saturday School

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